About Me

Hello and welcome!                         

My name is Ingrida. My journey as an artist began from the moment I could hold a pencil with my tiny fingers. I was drawing not only on the paper, walls but also on the belly of my little sister. 🙂

When in highschool, I was regularly asked to participate in different art exhibitions to represent my school. My classmates would pay me with chocolate bars to draw their favorite celebrities which I welcomed with open arms.

Eventually at 15 years young, greatly encouraged and supported by my grandpa, I decided to enrol in A. Martinaitis Art School in my home city Kaunas, Lithuania. Four years later and with an art diploma in my pocket (not literally haha) I arrived to Amsterdam for summer holidays. That summer in 2001 I sold my first paintings starting with hotels, then tourists and eventually to anyone who loved my art work.

I love and appreciate different forms of art. I have emerged myself not only into drawing and painting but also tried sculpture, print making, photography, designing, music, video making and even cooking (vegan). To me art is not only a way to express myself but also to bring some beauty, joy and inspiration to someone’s life.

Hope you enjoy my work! Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

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