Art of Abstract Painting

Hello you there and welcome to my first blog 🙂

The other day, as I was going through my paintings, I started thinking about the whole artistic process behind it. As I can only speak  from my own experience this may not correspond to the practice of abstract painting of other painters. But never mind that. Every artist has his own way and style so lets explore…

Before I decide to paint, I usually have some kind of image in my head that I want to put on paper. Sometimes it’s pretty clear, sometimes it’s a blurry concept. So as I prepare my painting tools – canvas or paper, brushes, paint palette, cotton cloth and plastic floor cover (the floor in my house is very light so I don’t want to have another abstract painting on the ground lol), I find myself in a state of blank mind. I know it sounds weird but let me explain… It’s like being completely present and having logic and critical thinking thrown out of the window. The closest term that I can come up with right now is intuitive painting.

As the first color hits the canvas or paper and the brush spreads it out, the painting adventure has basically begun. Whatever “clear” idea of the painting I had before vanishes and never comes back haha. This is a completely new and unthought of before image. And that’s the beauty of abstract painting. You don’t have to plan for it, you don’t have to follow any rules, you don’t have to stress about it – whether you will manage to get it right, nothing of that sort! Often I even let my fingers and brush handle to join the painting show. In fact, I especially love to paint with my fingers –  it feels so much more personal! Then you can really feel the painting!

In my opinion, the art of abstract painting lies in letting go of the control – most of us are control freaks in one area or the other lol. Here I’m speaking about the control of ideas. The end result of absolutely all my abstract paintings is nothing like imagined them to be before I started painting!!! Not even one! And I guess that’s the beauty of it – abstract painting not only takes the viewer on the adventure of its own imagination but also does the same for the artist himself/herself. Win win for everyone haha!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this read and maybe even got inspired to try out abstract painting yourself. 😉

Wishing you happy and fun creations!!

Peace & blessings,


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20 thoughts on “Art of Abstract Painting”

  • Great post – you are a very talented artist and your work needs some serious exposure all over the art world!

    Interesting to understand and learn your process and what goes through your mind before and during your masterpieces.

    Thanks for letting us inside!

    • Thanks! I think many people who would like to try painting or drawing are too often overthinking it and are stressing out too much about making it right and so they end up doing nothing.
      Making art should be fun! 🙂


  • I loved your blog. Beautifully designed and easy to read. I especially liked how you explain what happens once you begin painting. My mother is an abstract artist and paints in mostly pastels. I can appreciate the process.
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Hi Ingrida, really liked your post an interesting take on abstract painting, love the idea of painting with your fingers so expressive to the nth degree. I like the concept of making that connection with the work it is a journey for both the viewer and the creator your work has that quality to it whereby the viewer is drawn into the conversation. thank you great site.

  • Nice post.
    I find interesting the connection between this “blank” state of mind and the work that comes out of it. Very mysterious 🙂
    I think I want to follow your work and see how far in you take us. Thanks for sharing!

  • Nice. It’s really great to watch you grow as an artist over the years. I’m curious as to where this journey leads.
    I’ll keep watching…

  • Great explanation of what abstract painting is. I’d never got into art before because I couldn’t plan the image I would have like to paint.
    This puts it into perspective and I found the image very pleasing to the eye and no less artistic than a piece that would have been meticulously

  • I love getting inside the mind of the artist! I hope you plan to continue to share these blog posts with us, Ingrida! Your work is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  • Great post! I love your painting. I love art when i was young and love creating things but somehow seem to lost it over the years. Your post stimulate or stir something inside me and I am urging to draw or paint something. Art can be so therapeutic too.

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