Spring Festival

Spring Festival

Title: “Spring Festival”

Price: €450

Original abstract painting where I used acrylics and black & silver pens for ornaments. Painted on watercolor paper. Varnished to protect the surface.

100% hand painted.

Signed by the artist (me).

Size: 32 x 41 cm (12.59 x 16.14)

Materials: watercolor paper 100% cellulose – cold pressed, acrylic, black pen, silver pen, gloss varnish.

There may be a slight variation in color due to your monitor settings or file exporting to jpeg format.

Painting will be shipped rolled in a tube within 1-3 business days after the payment is received.

Shipping costs vary depending on the country: €10 within the Netherlands, €20 – €35 anywhere else.

Payments will be done via Transferwise. More info about TransferWise here

If you would like to purchase “Spring Festival” or have any questions please email me.

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26 thoughts on “Spring Festival”

  • You have a talent and a gift, for certain. I know that if you’re not already successful, you most certainly will be soon and very soon.

    I pray that I can find my passion, and get to do what I love and display it as such like you have. I have to say that this painting is breathtaking, and as I don’t know much about art, I know when my eyes are pleased. And pleased they are! Very much so! Great work, and please continue to share your gift with the world.

  • That’s a very beautiful painting, though I don’t have much knowledge of painting but there is a creative side of me that respects and loves art, and that particular part of me shouted “awesome” when I saw this picture.
    You are really very skilled at this; can you demonstrate this picture a little? I have heard that every painting has a story to tell, does your one has anything to say which I am not able to listen maybe because of my lack of understanding?

    Keep doing this nice work Ingrida!

    • Thank you Hari for your kind comment!
      There’s no big story behind this painting haha..I just usually paint without much thinking, kinda letting it all flow. In a way it’s an adventure for me too.
      I don’t give descriptions under my paintings because I like to leave it open for interpretation. Different people will see different things and that’s the fun part. 🙂
      Thanks again for taking time to visit my site!

  • Oh My Gosh! What beautiful paintings. I love this website. You are very talented Ingrida. Your abstract paintings are unique. What first inspired you to become an artist?

    • Thank you Steph for your kind comment! 🙂
      I was attracted to painting and drawing since I was a child. I found it very exciting – like going to fantasy land haha and I guess I still like to take those trips 🙂

  • Absolutely stunning! I love the vibrancy of the colors and the beautiful texture. You are very talented. I absolutely love this piece. Simply stunning!

  • My son loves abstract art (he is 6 years old) and we have been looking at pieces by Jackson Pollock, I will introduce your website to him as it will be another source of inspiration for him. Personally I love your beautiful paintings and will visit often to admire them 🙂

  • This is such a beautiful piece! It definitely appeals to spring with the pop of colors especially the orange and purple. You are a very talented artist and your website is beautiful! Please continue to bringing your creations to life.

  • This is so beautiful! I looked at all your pieces but this one just blows me away! I love the colours, textures and the general feel of it! It doesn’t feel flat at all, it’s few dimensional and every time I look at it, it seems alive! Simply stunning!

  • Thanks a lot for sharing your awesome art Ingrida. I certainly enjoyed going through every bit of it. Your work is excellent.

    I am also sharing your blog on my Facebook account because I feel that more people should know about it.

    I wish you the very best,


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