The Game

The Game

Title: “The Game”

Price: €350

Abstract painting painted with watercolors and acrylics on paper. Varnished to protect the surface.

100% hand painted and original.

Signed by the artist (me).

Size: 32 x 41 cm (12.59 x 16.14)

Materials: watercolor paper 100% cellulose – cold pressed, acrylics, watercolors, gloss varnish.

There may be a slight variation in color due to your monitor settings or file exporting to jpeg format.

Painting will be shipped rolled in a tube within 1-3 business days after the payment is received.

Shipping costs vary depending on the country: €10 within the Netherlands, €20 – €35 anywhere else.

Payments will be done via Transferwise. More info about TransferWise here

If you would like to purchase “The Game” or have any questions please email me.

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6 thoughts on “The Game”

  • Wow, you have some beautiful creations here! I looked at your other works and the Spring Festivals piece is fantastic. My little girl loves purple and bold colors and aspires to paint like you one day.

    For this piece, The Game, was it done entirely with black and yellow? Or did you have to use others to get the shading to your liking?

    • Thank you very much!! 🙂 I’m glad you like my work!

      The painting “Game” was done mainly using different shades of yellow and dark blue colours.

  • I love this piece. I was staring at my computer screen not blinking trying to take it all in. I don’t think the computer screen is doing it any justice. I bet it is much better in person.
    Who would you say your influences are for this piece of work right here?

    • haha!!! It is better in person for sure!
      Influences for this piece..hmm..I think just life with its constant movement..always flowing nature 🙂
      Thanks for the visit Kurtis! 🙂

  • Hi Ingrida, WOW!! is the only word that springs to mind . Having seen The Game I just had to look at your other paintings, Spring Festival would go very nicely on my lounge wall lol. I think you are a better abstract painter than where you use some type of form. Maybe, its because you can loose yourself in the creation and let your imagination run wild. From a website point of view, its well laid out, easy to read but does not do justice to your art. I like the floating social buttons and would like to do something similar on mine.

    LOVED IT!!!! Thanks for the experience.


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